Antler Lighting Kits

Proper lighting plays an important part in improving the dcor of a room. It also helps reduce eye strain. Relying on a solitary ceiling lamp at night is not enough to find things inside the cupboard or read properly while relaxing on the bed. This is why interior decorators draft the design of furniture before they sketch points where light fittings needs to be installed.

However, if you have to shift into a new apartment and want to set up furniture according to your plan, you need to get the light sources adjusted accordingly. Forget about tungsten bulbs since they are hardly available plus they also harm the ecology by emitting carbon. It is the same with fluorescent lamps fitted with standard ballast. You can either replace them with electronic ballast or purchase CFL (compact fluorescent lamp). The CFL consumes far less wattage yet provides sufficient lamination. You can view a wide variety of such lamps on the franklite lighting website and other popular lighting manufacturers websites.

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The emergence of LED (light emitting diodes) has changed the entire concept of lighting. Though they are quite costly, expect prices to reduce when demand and production increases. If you want to read at night without disturbing other persons in the room, purchase a low wattage spot light and fix it at a suitable spot near your bed. You can also use high wattage spot lights to highlight specific products in your shop. In fact, many jewellery stores use them to accentuate costly jewellery.

When planning the lighting of your home or office, decide where you want to place the furniture. This will help you decide the appropriate spots where the lamps will be installed. While you can purchase your requirement of lamps and its fittings from online stores, ensure that you shop from reputable ones like Franklite lighting.

While most people plan about setting up lights in different rooms, most of them overlook the kitchen and the bathroom. A kitchen should contain lights that focus on the burner without being directly over it. When planning the lighting of your bathroom, make sure you place the lamp in such a way so that it provides sufficient light near the mirror, so that you face no problems while grooming yourself. Concealed lights are best for the bedroom. Ensure that you purchase lamps that ship with remote controlled dimmers. This allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the light without getting up from your bed.